3D-fractal „BETH_1241“ 200×200 cm (2 tiles) now called ‚octa-Paule‘


Above is the original picture „BETH_1241“, now called ‚octa-Paule‘,  from which the stl and the video was created.
The original is a digital fine art print on Dibond 200 x 200 cm in 2 tiles each 100 x 200 cm.

Please, see also the gallery slideshow „WESENHAFTES„, which could be translated as „entity-like“.

There is always one unique print in the original format
and a numbered edition of 6 prints in smaller sizes, e.g.100 x 100 cm.

If you are interested to have my pictures and/or (music-)video works in an exhibition
or if you want to buy one of my pictures please contact me.

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