3D-fractal „embryonale_Intelligenz“ 150 x 100 cm


3D-fractal „Devil_1“ 160 x 120 cm

Above are the original pictures „Devil_1“ and „embryonale_Intelligenz“.
They belong to a series of pictures with transparent rendered 3D-fractals.
From this pictures the stl’s and videos with the same names were created.

Please, see also the gallery slideshow “WESENHAFTES“, which could be translated as “entity-like”. Both pictures belong to this series.

The picture „Sierpinski“ is still in work progress.
The original pictures are digital fine art prints on Dibond.

There is always one unique print in the original format
and a numbered edition of 6 prints in smaller sizes.

If you are interested to have my pictures and/or (music-)video works in an exhibition
or if you want to buy one of my pictures please contact me.

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