Octahedral voids


Fractal structures emerge in time. A fractal is recursive code, infinite self referencing code of the code. The code beyond the code is the code. The structure is the information of the code. The information of the code is eternal, beyond time.
The emerged form is equal to a breack of the infinite loop. Infinite time is stopped at a certain moment and the infinite structure is visible.

Octahedral voids paper, glue [on:] 2020


Octahedral_Voids [on:] 2020 paper, glue 65 x 92 x 65 cm

Octahedral voids is an infinit pattern of stacking octahedra on each side of an octahedron. A space-filling pattern needs tetrahedra in addition. So the angular difference result in gaps between the blocks of octahedra. It starts with one central octahedron. 4 octahedra are attached on the lower half. On each of the lower sides a block of 9 octahedra is attached. They are the upper half sourrounding a block of 9 octahedra and so on. The holey pyramid could be mirrored on the top octahedron. The gaps have a special spacial form, iterating with the octahedral blocks. They are the voids of the octahedral pyramid. A unique division of space in bodies and voids.